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10210 BERKELEY PLACE DR. SUITE 220 CHARLOTTE, NC 28262       (704) 905-9457

With 14 years of practice experience, our doctor has taken care of hundreds of people. Whether you are dealing with neck pain, back pain, headaches, whiplash injuries or other chronic pain, we have seen it all. Many people tell us that they have "tried everything". The one thing they haven't tried is our approach to health. Let us show you how our chiropractor is different.

We use the phrase "pain in my neck" for a reason, but neck pain is more than an annoyance. It affects our whole body wellness, our productivity, and our quality of life.

While headaches may be symptomatic of underlying problems—many of which are treatable at Charlotte Family Chiropractic Clinic—they're often the direct result of spine and tissue damage in the neck area. Dr. Plesa can address the issues that medications only (barely) mask using advanced chiropractic techniques reserved for cervical spine specialists.

For those experiencing vertigo, there's nothing simple about it. And it's no afternoon at the movies. But it's worth a trip to Charlotte Family Chiropractic Clinic, where Dr. Arthur Plesa understands that while usually treated as an inner ear problem, vertigo often originates in the neck area. And the neck area is, quite literally, his area of expertise.

When your neck moves beyond the normal range of motion there is tearing and straining of the soft tissue. That damage can cause a lot of pain. The most common symptoms of whiplash are neck pain, headaches, difficulty swallowing, brain fog, dizziness, and vertigo.

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