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"Just because you can't solve it, doesn't mean my problem doesn't exist." That's what our patients want to say to their doctors who, when prescriptions don't produce vertigo relief, throw their hands up in the air and announce, "Well, can't be vertigo. Must be something else."

Sometimes it is something else. Vertigo shares many symptoms with other health problems. Often, vertigo itself is lumped into and dismissed as a symptom of a more serious disease or, thanks to that Alfred Hitchcock movie of the same name, mistaken as a simple fear of heights.

For those experiencing vertigo, there's nothing simple about it. And it's no afternoon at the movies. But it's worth a trip to Charlotte Family Chiropractic Clinic, where Dr. Arthur Plesa understands that while usually treated as an inner ear problem, vertigo often originates in the neck area. And the neck area is, quite literally, his area of expertise. With 15 years of experience, Dr. Plesa has met many Charlotte, North Carolina patients experiencing vertigo symptoms associated with neck injuries and fatigue.


I Think I Might Have Vertigo. What Are The Symptoms?

Vertigo, when it strikes "out of the blue" can mimic mild panic attacks. Unlike with severe anxiety, there's no pill or breathing exercise to calm the patient and reduce discomfort. Though vertigo symptoms are rarely as severe as a full-blown panic attack, some can last far longer—several days, weeks, or even years. One of our patients even calls her vertigo experience the "spin cycle".

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar?

  • Anxiety

  • Dizziness

  • Double vision

  • Feeling that everything is spinning around you

  • Impaired, sometimes muffled hearing

  • Loss of balance

  • Nystagmus: Unusual eyeball movements, usually horizontal jerking or "vibrating" appearance

  • Nausea and vomiting

  • Perspiration (unexplained by exertion or environmental factors)

  • Tinnitus: ringing or rushing sounds in the ear

Some of these vertigo symptoms are limited to inner ear complications, but most occur anytime there's a disruption in the body's ability to seek equilibrium. Our patients describe vertigo as the feeling that you're still, but the world is spinning or tilting around you. It's the classic symptom and you wouldn't believe how many doctors miss the connection between vertigo and the upper spine or neck area. But then again, most don't have neck specialist Dr. Plesa's experience and focused education.

Vertigo's symptoms aren't limited to what our patients experience as a direct result of their neurological impairment. When we don't have confidence in our ability to maintain our balance and sensory perception, it affects our ability to function as active, productive people. Our anxieties about possible "episodes" can become as debilitating as vertigo itself, and let's face it—when we're feeling off, our loved ones and co-workers feel it, too.


As we mentioned, inner ear issues are the best-known vertigo triggers. Infections, damage, head and neck trauma, and genetics can wreak havoc on specialized hairs and fluid-filled canals in our ears, throwing us off balance and making us feel queasy.

But our skeletons also play a role in signaling where our bodies exist in space and time, and when mechanoreceptors in our joints are out of position, our proprioception—our nervous system's ability to transmit and process balance-related information—goes out the window. (Or porthole, if you describe your vertigo as feeling lost at sea after too many trips to the sushi buffet).

The cervical vertebrae and surrounding tissues are where most spine-related vertigo cases originate, and that's why many people who come to us for neck pain relief report they're also experiencing vertigo.

It's not just anecdotal. Medical studies have confirmed a correlation between improved neck wellness and vertigo relief. That's why chiropractors who specialize in cervical vertebrae meet a lot of clients who are desperately seeking vertigo treatment and hope for a return to their active, pain-free lives, and why patients from all over North Carolina—and from around the world—have come to Charlotte specifically to see Dr. Plesa.

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We love to say that Dr. Plesa only treats his patients if it's necessary. When you and Dr. Plesa decide it's time for hands-on chiropractic treatment in Charlotte, his methods are non-invasive, and effective.


Most chiropractors don't share his specialized training, education, and clinical experience in cervical spine anatomy, and they rarely use the techniques and instruments cervical spine specialists use daily to help their patients take control of their vertigo symptoms.







We're proud of our clients. After all, it's a team effort; no medical treatment is effective without their determination to look after themselves and take an active role in their recovery. All the same, we're proud of what our patients say about Dr. Plesa and the rest of us at Charlotte Family Chiropractic Clinic. Here are just a few of our rave Google reviews:

Dr. Plesa is a talented practitioner who focuses on really understanding what is going on with the spine and nervous system. He is warm and inviting and truly cares about improving the lives of his patients.

Stacy A., Gastonia, North Carolina

Like Ms. Otto said, "Really, you have nothing to lose." Especially if vertigo has sidelined you from life. So contact us today. The consultation is free, but the real value is finding hope that your doctors got it wrong: You do have options for a life outside the "spin cycle" of vertigo.

At Charlotte Family Chiropractic Clinic we are not only concerned about your symptoms, but also you as a person and what is important to you. We know that not everyone's the same and not everyone has the same goals. It is important to us that we present a chiropractic care plan that works for you and is tailored to you and your health concerns.

Our specialties as a chiropractor in Charlotte are neck pain, vertigo, and migraine headaches. Our patients visit our Charlotte office from all over North Carolina, including, Matthews, Indian Trail, Mint Hill, Gastonia and Concord.

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